Hay Day App Reviews

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The price

We need mony and please put a good price in the store and thank you


Its fun and thats all I got

Really love Hay Day

I really enjoy playing this farming app. Its hard starting out but I keep plugging away.

Love my Hay Day

I love playing my Hay Day as a great Stress reliever. I feel like Monday is a gift with all my Derby Rewards! A perfect game for me!

Love this game!!

Awesome game!

Love it! I got some ideas!

So starting off with the amount of items we can make, I thought of a great idea to see if you would consider my small amount of good ideas. So first off almond milk should be a thing, all we need is the almond tree and the almond milk and bam something new. Second grapes to make raisins and jelly. Third peach jam and peach cobbler. Fourth blueberries for juices, pies, and muffins! Fifth pumpkin bread! Sixth cherry pie! Seventh pecan pies! Eight cupcakes! And ninth socks! I just thought about those small but impactful ideas to the game, I love everything, but more things to make, even for the smaller levels for people, thanks! I hope you consider some of my ideas!

would be better

if i could restart the farm completely i loved this game but i hate that i cant restart

Lot of fun

Great to farm!

Super fun, boring at first

This is a great game and I recommend it to just about anyone, its fun, but in the first its a BIT boring but if you stick to it it gets better, as the time i write this i JUST leveled up to level 10. This is a great game thanks for another good one supercell!




This game is so fun I recommend it GET THIS GAME

Best game ever!!

Right when I started I never wanted to stop!


Its awesome!!! Definitely recommend this game


My main game and I play nonstop everyday! Really fun you you should try it. You would be plesently surprised.

It is awesome!!!

If your looking at it it is great ?? and u can have pets!!!!????it is the game youre looking for ???

So addicting

I love it ??????

Amazing game!

Everything about this game is awesome, I really love how the only ads in this game give you in game items when you watch them and then boom theyre gone!


This is a great game for the family !!!!

Fun, fun, fun!

Newbie to the game and really like it so far. Suggestion would be to reward more coins by watching ads. Not given enough coins for making items and filling orders. Because the amount of coins being asked to purchase from the shop is ridiculous for the cake oven, smelter and juice press and everything else to follow. Please consider suggestion. Please bring back the doubling of coins for filling orders.


I adore this game but I hate how the pants only produce three times then you either have to get someone to revive it for one more use or cut it down. Is there any chance you guys would consider making the plants produce endlessly? You could make the plants just like the animals. Just add a new feed mill for plant food! It would save a lot of saws and axes and I would greatly appreciate the change.

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